Everesting – The Right Way! | 16 Runs Of Fort William Downhill Track

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Bid For Glory! | GCN’s Cheap Ebay Bike Challenge

Getting a brand new bike is one of the best feelings you can get as a cyclist, but there are plenty of weird, wonderful and just downright great value used bikes available in places such as eBay or local shops. We gave each presenter £100 to find the best bike they could for a series… Continue Reading

Tandem VS 1 | Are 2 Riders On A Tandem Faster Than 1 Roadie?

Tandem Bicycles are fantastic inventions. They’re great tools for allowing cyclists of differing abilities to ride together, they can be more sociable than riding a regular road bike, and they allow visually impaired and para riders to cycle outside safely. In this video, GCN+’s Johnathan Schubert and Ollie ‘Dropped’ Bridgewood take to the tandem and… Continue Reading

Bontrager Daytime Running Lights

Shop Daytime Running Lights: Bontrager Daytime Running Lights are designed to help you stand out when it matters most. Using them is proven to be the single most effective way to make your presence known to motorists. In today’s world of distracted drivers, it’s more important than ever to take measures that could increase your… Continue Reading

First Laps in The Trestle Bike Park 2021

Opening day is tomorrow, June 19th 2021. Come on out and make your arms tired;) The trail crew has been breaking their backs for weeks for your riding pleasure. Join Shawn Neer and I as we “test” out some of the classic DH tracks and burn in some lines for the season. Rainmaker, Trestle Downhill,… Continue Reading

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Hardtail Mountain Bike

The best thing about riding a hardtail MTB is that they are the perfect platform to learn on, most people’s passion for riding begins on a hardtail! Here are the skills, upgrades, and the knowledge that you will need to get the most from your hardtail bike 🤘 Subscribe to Global Mountain Bike Network: http://gmbn.eu/subscribe… Continue Reading