Finally back on gravel (Injury recovery camp – Day 4)

This is a daily vlog series where I attempt to fix myself from a broken grater trochanter of my femur. This camp has included physical Therapy, bike fitting, and technique riding.

This is our last day with Tim so we made the most of it. He took us on an epic gravel ride with almost 5k feet of climbing and awesome views of smog, I mean LA. I give you a little sneak peak into what we are working on for a new product for the Ride Bikes Clothing Company and I show you what I am getting my wife for Mothers Day and her birthday. If you follow me you know that I am the worst at getting gifts for her so let me know if you think she will like it.

I end it with my last session with Tim in which he explains why sports tape is important and how to use it along with one more question for anyone dealing with a sports injury.

If you have stuck around for these I appreciate you. Dealing with a sports injury is hard mentally and physically and I hope I showed you a couple things you can do to get back on the bike. Tim is an amazing tool and he is happy to help anyone with questions or an injury of their own so you can get back out there and ride.

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0:03 Morning coffee
0:19 Day job work
0:39 What I use to fuel
1:40 Lets ride dirt
3:24 So much smog
3:53 Is Tim one with the mountain?
4:52 Washing Travis and the bike
5:02 More work
5:49 Taking care of the babe
6:21 Last session with Tim and why taping is needed
7:55 Chat with Tim