Chasing Age Dopers All day (Injury recovery camp – Day 3)

Day 3 of the unbreak myself camp was a massive road ride. 93 miles, 9kft of climbing and the pace was high. I show you cycling in socal, talk about being a dooche canoe, and eat a floor sandwich.

This is a daily vlog series where I attempt to fix myself from a broken grater trochanter of my femur. This camp has included physical Therapy, bike fitting, and technique riding.

Doing this cycling camp and daily vlogging is a bit difficult but Im making big gains. I hope you enjoy these and get motivated to get yourself back from injury.

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0:00 Into
0:54 Ride
1:06 $2 burrito
1:53 Age Doper
3:35 Helping Others
4:40 More Ride
5:05 Dooche Canoe
5:45 Ride
6:29 Floor Sanwich
7:31 PT
8:07 Tim is a Wizard