2021 Trek Slash 8 Review | The BEST Enduro Bike in 2021

The 2021 Trek Slash 8 has been crowned the best enduro bike in 2021! Bike of the Year is our industry-leading mega-test, delivering verdicts on the year’s best road and mountain bikes.

A big thanks to our sponsors for helping us make this year’s Enduro Bike of The Year a reality: Fox Clothing, Muc-Off and Garmin. This video contains product placement from our sponsors, but rest assured our reviews will always remain impartial, backed up by our expert test team.

So why did it win? It was how well it managed to deliver a lively ride yet still be the ultimate in chaos-calming composure when you really started to push it hard. It helps that the spec is incredible for the money and let’s be honest, it looks great too, doesn’t it?

The Slash is Trek’s 160mm travel enduro bike and for 2021 it’s had a significant makeover compared to its predecessor. Watch to find out what updates have been made and how that translates to real world riding.

Is the Trek Slash the best enduro bike in 2021? Let us know what your winner would be in the comments!

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