My FIRST Bike Fit was a GAME CHANGER (Training Camp Vlog Day 2)

I got my first real bike fit and cant believe how much it changed EVERYTHING! Andrew at Bosco Bike Fits took half the day to analyze my biomechanics, measure my points of contact, and find any physical limitations. Then we did small adjustments which made ALL THE difference!

Andrew from Bosco Bike Fits moved my cleat back, out in a new soul, adjusted my hoods, and lowered my seat. Ive been born again through the magic of bike fitting. My cycling experience has completely changed.

We then hit up buds, a race ride in socal that was super fun. I love riding bikes and feel like a new human.

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0:00 wise words and band stretches with Tim
1:23 Lets ride
2:20 Devils Canyon View
3:00 Back for food and talk
3:27 Bike fit with Andrew
6:30 Toilet meeting
7:06 Race ride with Kyle Cooper
8:47 Chat with Bros Ride Bikes
9:40 After ride chat
10:22 Chat with Andrew, whats the one thing someone can do to make a change
11:52 Chipotle again
12:40 ending words