Lets Get Unbroken (Training Camp Vlog Day 1)

At the very end of the Impossible Route, I tried to jump a Harley backwards over a pit of fire blindfolded and broke part of my femur. So this short daily vlog series is to show the rebuild of my body. I need to ride more but I need my body to be functional first.

So we are working with Dr. Tim Woo from Socal Bike PT to correct all the biomechanical issues I developed from the broken femur. We are working on flexibility, strength, and riding technique.

Use code VCGD21 at www.socalbikept.com/bike-body-strength-program to save on a program from Dr. Tim. Or dont, he has a ton of free resources on Instagram.

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0:00 Intro
2:23 Dr. Tim
3:05 Flexibly
4:26 Ride Plan
5:10 Ride Bikes
6:25 Kids Ride
8:55 Recovery
9:17 Recap
11:17 More PT
12:06 Chipotle