Vital’s $2,500 Full-Suspension Budget Mountain Bike Comparison Test

Vital MTB is stoked to bring your our $2,500 mountain bike comparison test with four full-suspension 29ers and four hard-hitting testers. About a year ago, we compared some $2,000 mountain bikes to see if a new rider buying a bike for the first time could really get a trail-ready bike at that price. We came away with plenty of smiles and tons of respect for the bikes we rode, so this time around, we’ve bumped the budget up another $500 to see how much of a difference that might make in bike durability and performance.
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We had a blast testing these bikes! Which bike would you pick?
Video Timeline
0:00 – Introduction
2:40 – Polygon Siskiu T8 Review
8:15 – Scott Spark 960 Review
15:49 – Devinci Marshall Review
23:08 – Cannondale Habit 5 Review
Vital’s $2,000 Mountain Bike Review –
YT Jeffsy 29 Base Review (because we know you’ll ask : ) –

Amanda Wentz, Brad Howell, Trixie and Steve Wentz – our testers.

We’ve been lucky enough at Vital MTB to test some really nice, expensive bikes over the last 11 years, but we always love coming back to a more affordable price point. Though we’re calling $2,500 affordable, we know this is not chump change and $2,500 spent in the used bike market could get you a really great bike that’s only a couple years old.

We found four full-suspension 29ers in the 120mm to 140mm rear travel range. They’re considered trail bikes if you’re unaware of how mountain bikes are classified these days. This is a mountain bike that’s made to do a little bit of everything, and hopefully do it pretty well. It has more travel than a cross-country bike and less travel than what’s called an enduro bike.

Every bike we tested was a size medium, they are all aluminum frames, and coincidentally, they all featured 12-speed 1x drivetrains which means there is a single chainring up front at the cranks and no front derailleur, keeping the bike simple, efficient and quiet. While there were component similarities between the bikes, each bike was definitely its own machine, each with unique riding characteristics. The test took place in the Boise, Idaho, area at Wilson Creek, Table Rock, Eagle Bike Park and Boise Bike Park to find out where these bikes shine, who they’re best suited for and what could be improved.

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