Last 20 min POWER TEST for the year (Train like a Pro Challenge Vlog #29)

In this episode of the train like a pro challenge I do a photo shoot with eliel and perform my final 20 power test of the year. I started the challenge with a 4.9 w/k ftp and test the legs to see how I have developed.

20 min power test and a photo shoot made up the day, but the family is main goal. So I went home and tried to cook a great dinner…I failed. A HUGE Thanks to Jake and Eliel for getting me some of the best photos ever for the new VC kit.

0:00 How you get the “woman” in the bed
0:05 Intro
1:05 Morning chat with wife
1:28 Doing things with Eliel
3:49 20 minute power test
6:35 Results
9:26 Back to the RV
10:02 Pizza oven day two
11:30 FAIL
12:40 Ending words

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