Pro BodyBuilder VS Vegan Cyclist on Indoor Bikes (FULL RACE)

The IFBB pro bodybuilder Greg Doucette goes heads up against The Vegan Cyclist in a Zwift indoor cycling sprint race. The Zwift cycling race is only 5 min long so the raw power of Greg Doucette will be hard to overcome.

This Vegan Cyclist VS BodyBuilder is just a fun video to see how a trained endurance cyclist stacks up to a beast of bodybuilder. The whole thing was very friendly and has nothing to do with being vegan or not. Its just two dudes from different sports giving it their all on Zwift.

Greg Doucette and myself (the vegan cyclist) will race again, but next time I will set my weight to what he weighs. This will be very difficult for me but it should be a lot of fun. And when the whole virus thing dies down, I will head out to his place and let him get his revenge on me in the gym.

WHAT IS ZWIFT? Zwift is an online cycling game that takes the power you put out on the bike, calculates that against your weight, and provides a watt per KG number. So Greg can put out WAY more power than me, but is much heavier, so he has to put out more power than me to move at the same speed. Drafting and hills play a huge roll in the racing as well.

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