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The Impossible Route: FAR WEST TEXAS (Cycling Documentary)

The Impossible Route: FAR WEST TEXAS (Cycling Documentary)

Can we ride 350 mi / 563 km of the WORST gravel imaginable…IN ONE RIDE!?!? The Impossible Route enters season 2 with a BANG! JB and I tackle a new adventure through FAR West Texas. This route takes us STRAIGHT THROUGH the night! It was… INTENSE!

We are FULLY self-supported with the exception of two cache drops at mile 80 & 210. Outside of those two caches, every drop of water, food, and support HAS to come from our own supplies.

This route started in a small town on the FAR WEST border of Texas. We cut through both the state and national parks of the Big Bend area. Parts of this route has been done before, but never all in one shot AND there is an unknown section of the course that has not been touched since the 1700s.

Road turns to smooth hard packed dirt, which turns to chunky single track, which then degrades into absolute WILDERNESS. It is the HARDEST gravel possible, anything more difficult would be rock climbing.

STRAVA ROUTE: https://www.strava.com/activities/6810011512

SUPPORT: ( https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/vegancyclist )We do have a budget from amazing sponsors but that covers hard costs. JB and I do NOT get paid to do these. I personally have 200 + hours into this edit alone. I do all the editing, graphics, music, and hype for free. We do not put mid-roll ads and we maintain a clean, no sponsorship plug style story in each episode. SOOoooo, if you felt like this was worth a buck, it goes A LONG WAY!
( https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/vegancyclist )

////////FULL CATALOG OF FILMS////////

PILOT – HAWAII -( https://youtu.be/oFtJkjXO6ZE )
EP.1 – DEATH VALLEY – (https://youtu.be/jgl-3INWMgA )
EP.2 – VIRGINA – ( https://youtu.be/rRLkbNMwxsQ )
EP.3 – MONTANA – ( https://youtu.be/JS8EOC_7Dm4 )
EP.4 – COLORADO – ( https://youtu.be/0_MEf3DSGIY )

/////// SPONSORS

BIKES: Canyon Bicycles – https://www.canyon.com
SEALANT: Orange Seal – https://orangeseal.com
TIRES: IRC Bike – https://ircbike.com
BAGS: Almsthre – https://almsthre.com/veganbag
LUBE: Bike Hardcore – https://www.bikehardcore.com
NAVIGATION: STRAVA – http://www.strava.com/subscribe/impossibleroute
SADDLES: Ergon – https://www.ergonbike.com
HYDRATION: Flow Formulas – https://flowformulas.com
KITS: Eliel Cycling – https://www.ElielCycling.com (code veganbro10 )

////// SUPPORT
LIGHTS: lupine – https://www.lupinenorthamerica.com
CAGES: Arundel – https://www.arundelbike.com/product-category/bottle-cages
VAN: Storyteller Overland – https://www.storytelleroverland.com
KETONES: DeltaG – https://www.deltagketones.com (Code VC20)
FITNESS TRACKING: WHOOP – https://www.join.Whoop.com/vc


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//////// CHAPTERS
0:00 INTRO
3:01 The EASY part
11:23 The HARD part
17:36 The VERY HARD part
27:53 The DARK part
42:13 The EARLY part
49:44 The FAST part
56:04 The FINISH part
1:03:26 Credits

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