Things We Wish We Knew When We Started Road Cycling

If you’ve just got into road cycling there’s plenty to take in, so we’ve decided to share with you the things we wish we knew when we started out. Hopefully these handy tips will help you learn more about the culture of cycling, and avoid potential pitfalls as you start out! Check out the GCN… Continue Reading

Weird & Revered DVD – Duke Thomson-Kurz | | Subscribe to the DIG channel for more videos – ____ “Vagabond Squad” is a full-length video from Canada’s Weird & Revered crew. Filmed from 2016 to 2019, the project is community rooted with a strong focus on the Edmonton BMX scene. Although a majority of the clips are from the… Continue Reading

Gravel Route Planning PRO TIPs with RWGPS

We talk with our friend Kevin from RWGPS about some tips for planning routes on RWGPS. Help support independent reviews: SUPPLE PATCHES PATREON: SUPPLE SHIRTS: ***NEW ROUTE GUIDE*** INSTAGRAM: #thesupplelife #gravelbike #biketouring #bikepacking Continue Reading

Bikes For Newbies. 3 Things You’ve Got To Do Yourself With Your Bike. Bicycle Maintenance 101.

Hey Viewers! Today a small and a bit funny servicing tutorial for newbies. The only thing you need to maintain your bicycle daily, is some trash and a accessories for not more, than 15 bucks! Subscribe and see the BIGGETS bike service tutorial on YouTube: How to clean and lube your chain: DON’T… Continue Reading


​ | | Subscribe to the DIG channel for more videos – ____ While Michal Kovač​ovič​ was out in Chengdu, China last year for FISE he dipped out of the contest for a bit to sample what the marble lined streets and smooth as butter spots had to offer. Including guest clips from… Continue Reading

ECLAT BMX – Sam Chamberlain – The DURA Peg | | Subscribe to the DIG channel for more videos – ____ The yellow fleece of Sam Chamberlain returns, including a heavy spoonful of his signature creative style. Sam constantly bonks his pegs off everything in sight so the DURA peg from Eclat is a perfect fit. Hit the link below for… Continue Reading