MADERA SACRAMENTO | DIG BMX | | Subscribe to the DIG channel for more videos – ____ HELL YEAH! It’s not often you see the whole Madera team together on one trip, but 24hrs after the premiere of their excellent and recently released DVD, ‘Madera ABD’, they got the dudes in a van and set them loose… Continue Reading

4 hours on a TT bike! (My Sub 4 hour Century Attempt)

In preparation for an off the couch Ironman, I wanted to test out my TT fit and form over 100 miles. So then the idea of using that test to go sub 4 hours in 100 miles / 160km was born. A sub 4 hour American century is not terribly difficult if the conditions are… Continue Reading

Do you NEED Suspension in a Gravel Bike?!

Should you get a gravel bike with suspension? Thoughts on the new Cannondale Slate and Topstone SUBSCRIBE TO THE NEW ACN CHANNEL: LockedIn: Spindatt: PLP Discord Invite: SUPPLE PATCHES PATREON: SUPPLE SHIRTS: ***NEW ROUTE GUIDE*** INSTAGRAM: #thesupplelife #gravelbike #biketouring #bikepacking Continue Reading

Mountain Bike Beginner Skills | Blake Teaches Jenna How To MTB | #GetRiding Week

Mountain Biking is awesome! We want more people to find out how fun it is! Blake realised that despite having a career in MTB, he’s never actually taught his partner Jen any skills? Until now!🤘 Subscribe to GMBN: Pick up official GMBN merch in our store! Follow us on Instagram or Facebook! @globalmountainbikenetwork… Continue Reading

Talking Bollocks: Cycling Is Not Bad For Men’s Health & Here Are The Stats To Prove It

The relationship between cycling and erectile dysfunction and prostate cancer is often misrepresented and has been under researched up until now. Following on from our first video about the impact that bike saddles have on male sexual health, we were fortunate to aid Urologist Anthony Koupparis and his team with bringing together a large research… Continue Reading

Affordable Drivetrains for the PEOPLE!

Interview with the brand manager from Microshift talking about their role in the marketplace. Help support independent reviews: SUPPLE PATCHES PATREON: SUPPLE SHIRTS: ***NEW ROUTE GUIDE*** INSTAGRAM: #thesupplelife #gravelbike #biketouring #bikepacking Continue Reading

Beginners Guide To Jumping A Mountain Bike | #GetRiding Week

Getting airbourne on your mountain bike is one of the most fun things you can do whilst riding; and while it might seem intimidating, by starting small, practising, and building your confidence, you’ll be well on your way to conquering those big doubles! Neil shows you how 🤘 Subscribe to GMBN: Pick up official… Continue Reading