Blake Builds A Jeep Mounted Bike Rack | Part 2

Blake’s new mountain bike rack is coming along nicely in part 2 of the series. Watch now as he and Martyn create the swinging metal arm that the bikes will eventually hang from 🔧 Don’t forget, you can enter the Muc Off giveaway here: Subscribe to Global Mountain Bike Network: Explore our new… Continue Reading

Six of the best: 2021 Road Bikes – Ridden and reviewed

The year is coming to an end so we run you through six of the best road bikes we have ridden and reviewed throughout the last 12 months. If you have ideas for categories you’d like us to feature then let us know in the comments below and of course, leave your lists there too.… Continue Reading

How to Conquer New and Scary Features WITHOUT Crashing

To make big progress on the bike, you have to take big risk, right? WRONG!!! Over the last few years I’ve progressed further than I ever dreamed possible, all without any incident, and today I’ll show you the process I’ve been using to help me do so! I’ve always wanted a way to show that… Continue Reading

DH Runs with Eliot Jackson | Grow Cycling Foundation Giveaway

Welcome to season 6 of FollowCamFriday. Thank you for being here. Click here to enter- It goes without saying that Eliot Jackson is one of the most talented bike riders on the face of the earth. He plays the guitar equally as well. As it turns out, he also does not need proper footwear… Continue Reading

Riding ALL the bikes (Train Like A Pro Vlog #3)

Day 3 of the train like a pro challenge had a hard choice. A choice to spend time with my son and take him riding motos or to enforce consequences for being behind in school. In this cycling / family life daily vlog, I explain my justification for rewarding my son even though he didnt… Continue Reading

Cycling Weight Loss Tips | How To Lose Weight In Winter

Winter is a time where many of us tend to gain weight, and cycling is no different – plenty of riders gain weight in winter, sometime intentionally and sometimes not. However, if you’re looking to lose weight for whatever reason this winter, cycling is a great sport to turn to to help you achieve your… Continue Reading

GRIEF – To This Day: Vol. 1 | | Subscribe to the DIG channel for more videos – ____ The Granite City. Abergloom. The True North… whatever you decide to call it, it’s GRIEF DAILY. Our friends up in Aberdeen, Scotland have been plugging away at this one, riding headfirst into the icy wind, getting run over by cars… Continue Reading