Snowmass Bike Park’s New Jump Trail | Gonzo

My Bike for Snowmass- Huge thanks to Aspen Snowmass and the Limelight Hotel for hosting us. Kudos to the trail builders for building an expert-level, progressive jump line to keep the huckers happy! A giant step in the right direction for Colorado bike parks. Love your work Snowmass. The park is open for a… Continue Reading

Hill Climb Diaries Are Back! | Joe & Jack’s Craziest Season Begins

You asked, so we’ve delivered — by popular demand, BikeRadar’s Hill Climb Diaries is back! For the first episode of season two, Jack and Joe tackle their (sort of) first open event of the year at Salt and Sham’s inaugural hill climb on Chew Hill. Watch as the pair — alongside special guest and first-time… Continue Reading

What will we build on Berm Peak?

Now that we’re ready to dig downhill trails, what’s the plan? Today, we take a look at Berm Peak as a whole and decide what the overall layout will be. The map you’ll see in the video is a rough idea of how many trails I want, and where they’re go. The names and exact… Continue Reading

DIVISION BRAND – MAKE NOISE (FULL VIDEO) | | Subscribe to the DIG channel for more videos – The new full length video from Division Brand “MAKE NOISE” with full sections from Jake Deering, Wolfgang Ray, Rex Cubic, Jack O’Reilly and Sean Falkenstein. Along with footage of Angel Covarrubias, Kym Grosser, Cooper Brownlee, Zac Hutera, Mitchell McDonald, Dayvis Heyne,… Continue Reading

Cyclo-cross Game Of B.I.K.E With Thibau Nys | Who Has The Best CX Bike Handling Skills?

Jeremy caught up with young Belgian cyclo-cross star Thibau Nys at the Iowa City UCI CX World Cup to challenge him to a game of B.I.K.E. Don’t miss this impressive display of bike handling skills! GCN Stripes – Check out the new colours: Subscribe to GCN: Learn more about our next GCN Events:… Continue Reading

E-Bike Myths Busted | Cycling Weekly

If there’s one area of cycling that divides opinion more than any other, it’s the rise of the e-bike. Love them or hate ‘em, e-bikes are becoming more prevalent and I’m sure many of you are becoming just a little bit e-curious. We personally think they’re a great tool for many riders but just to… Continue Reading

How To Fuel For A Long Bike Ride | Cycling Nutrition Tips

Bonking on a long bike ride isn’t as pleasant as it sounds. Ollie discusses how to fuel for cycling long distances properly, from pre-ride nutrition to the best food to eat and carry during. In association with Enervit. GCN Stripes – Check out the new colours: Subscribe to GCN: Learn more about our… Continue Reading