How To Make CYCLING More ENJOYABLE (Pretend Pro Daily Vlog ep.1)

In this episode of the cycling daily vlog series, I give my 5 tips on how to make cycling more enjoyable. Bikes are super fun, but they could be even MORE fun with some simple ideas that I share here.

Episode 4 of the Impossible Route airs December 15th, at 8am pst. Its worth a good sit down and some snacks.

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Pretend Pro FAQ’s

Q: What is this challenge?
A: Its about turning life to 11 in ALL aspects. Nutrition, fitness, work, and family.

Q: Whats the training look like?
A: ATP coaching has built a high volume (20+ hours a week) program with mainly endurance to tempo work. The program is highly structured and focused to build a base for 2022

Q: Are you faking anything?
A: Super easy to lie here, so take this for what you think my word is worth, but NO. I will show everything I can, for good or worse. I proved this last year when I was super open about my relationship with Kristin and how this affected that.

Q: Why do this?
A: A few reasons, 1, I am ultra lazy and need my life to be slammed or else I slip into a couch potato. 2, Ad revenue is CRAZY in December and 30 videos will make stacks. 3, I need to be fit for 2022 and this will help me achieve that. 4, I hope to motivate others to be the best version of themselves.

A: Eat A$$ you S####. If I fail, I will show it and then talk all the shit you want. But until then, If you disagree with anything said or shown here, GREAT, its a free cunch. I am not telling anyone to do anything. So eat a bag of fresh D#### if you want to hate, I aint got time for your lame drama.

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0:00 Good Morning
0:49 Video Topic
1:44 Equipment
3:35 Ride with others
5:05 Routes
6:35 Skils
9:51 Fitness
12:27 Riding
15:24 Dinner
17:00 Yuut!!