Top MOUNTAIN BIKES for 2022 – Vital MTB Favorites

Vital MTB tested nearly 40 mountain bikes this year, and the bikes in this video stand out as our favorites going into 2022! We understand that individual riding goals differ depending on style and terrain, so the idea of picking a single mountain bike of the year doesn’t really help you. That’s why our top mountain bike selections from a year of testing will have something for everyone and in nearly every budget. Complete bike review links are below, so you can do more research to decide which bike might be best for you. Keep in mind that pricing and availability on all of these bikes could change in the blink of an eye.

Thank you for tuning in and we hope our video helped you find a bike to match your goals. We know that bikes aren’t cheap, and it’s easy to want the latest and greatest, but from everyone at Vital MTB, we hope that the ride, not the bike, is why you’re out having fun on two wheels. We’ll see you on the trails!
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Video Contents
0:00 – Introduction
0:46 – Orbea Rallon
1:41 – Privateer 141
2:58 – Polygon Siskiu T8
3:43 – Niner Jet 9 RDO
4:19 – Canfield Tilt
4:58 – Santa Cruz Bronson
5:50 – Specialized Stumpjumper EVO Alloy
6:44 – Canyon Stoic 4
7:25 – Alchemy Arktos 150
8:04 – YT Jeffsy Core 3
8:46 – Nukeproof Giga 275
9:23 – Pivot Mach 6
10:15 – Trek Session 8

Review Links
Orbea Rallon –
Privateer 141 –
Polygon Siskiu T8 –
Niner Jet 9 RDO –,3/Niner/JET-9-RDO-4-Star-XT-12-Speed,33905#product-reviews/4040
Canfield Tilt –,3/Canfield/Tilt,32273#product-reviews/4075
Santa Cruz Bronson –
Specialized Stumpjumper EVO Alloy –,3/Specialized/Stumpjumper-EVO-Elite-Alloy,35172#product-reviews/4086/expand
Canyon Stoic 4 –,3/Canyon/Stoic-4,32416#product-reviews/4089
Alchemy Arktos 150 –
YT Jeffsy Core 3 –
Nukeproof Giga 275 –
Pivot Mach 6 –,3/Pivot/Mach-6-Pro-XT-XTR-Coil,32377#product-reviews/4060
Trek Session 8 –