NO BRAKES ON CART TRACK??? (My FIRST Fixed Gear Crit – Red Bull Short Circuit)

No brakes… Fixed gear… On a cart track??? This is the vlog from my first fixed gear crit race. I have about an hour of easy riding on the fixed gear, so im super unfamiliar with how to ride this thing.

Red Bull brought myself, Jeff Linder, and Kym nonstop out to the red bull short circuit to film how it went down. I was a ball of nerves because I broke my leg doing a skid and crashed the first time I road a fixie. So, I’m not confident I will make it out of this event in one piece.


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0:00 Intro
0:23 Talking Head
1:19 Track
2:24 Explanation
3:20 First Ride
5:31 Event Vibe
7:05 Heat 1
11:20 Heat 2
12:31 Finals
13:41 End