Impossible Route ep.3 – Glacier to Tetons (A Cycling Documentary)

Impossible Route ep.3, Glacier to Tetons is a Cycling Documentary that covers a 5 day adventure across the state of Montana. In this episode we bring along the very fast and very capable pro cyclist, Eddie Anderson.

Eddie is an active pro for the team Alpicen Fenix, an Eagle Scout, and a genuine great human. Eddie brings world tour fitness to give context on just how hard the Impossible routes really are.

Jeremiah Bishop, Eddie Anderson, and The Vegan Cyclist embark on a 5 day journey across the unridden dirt roads and trails of Montana. Starting in glacier national park, the 3 ride Canyon gravel bikes packed down with everything they need to survive the trip.

Most of the routes were not accessible by vehicle, so the riders needed to be ready for getting out of sticky situations. This cycling documentary is narrated and edited by Tyler (The Vegan Cyclist) but so much work into this project by so many people.

Travis, who was a rider in ep.2 helped a ton with logistics and filming during the trip. Preston got great still photos, and Josh was a wizard with the main videography. A huge THANK YOU to the team behind this and we hope you enjoy this story.
:Q: What bikes where ridden?
:A: JB & VC rode the Canyon Grizzle and Eddie rode the Canyon Grail

:Q: What size tires were ran?
:A: The crew ran IRC Double Cross 44s

:Q: What was the sleep set up like?
:A: To save on weight, the riders carried as little as possible. VC had a hammock and a light sleeping bag. JB had a sleep pad and a light sleeping bag. And Eddie bright a full on tent and sub zero sleeping bag.

:Q: What did you eat on the rides?
:A: Outside of Flow Formulas in our bottles, the riders had to stick up at the random stores along the route. Each day only had 1 stop for fueling, so high calorie foods were the ticket. JB did have a jet boil so heating up water for freeze dried food was great as well.

:Q: How “REAL” is this? How much do you FAKE the drama?
:A: We don’t fake anything, we ride the ride and let the story play out as it happens. This route had the riders by themselves for most of the day so the safety net of a film crew is rare.
DONATE : Look, these are tough to make. Even with sponsor support, the budget for each episode is crazy high. If you felt like this was worth a buck or 2, any support would be amazing.
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