Vitus ZX-1 EVO Review | INCREDIBLE Value Aero Road Bike

This video contains paid product placement for Freewheel. The 2021 ZX-1 EVO is an all new aero road bike from Vitus, however, it’s an aero bike with some interesting claims around it, or should that be lack of…

Around two years ago, Vitus started with a blank piece of paper and released their ZX-1. And at the time, and as you’d expect from any self respecting bike brand, they were pretty happy with it.

But never satisfied, Vitus have recently updated the ZX-1 EVO to the bike you see here today.

So, what’s new? Well, if you compare the new EVO to the old ZX-1 then pretty much everything has changed.

The frame looks far more like a traditional aero bike, with deeper tube profiles at the back. Vitus claims they have been able to increase the stiffness and reduce the weight, although you’ll have to take a leap of faith on that one as the press release doesn’t say by how much.

What is surprising (and welcome) is the Shimano 105 gearing which is fairly low spec in relation to the wheelset which are proper deep section carbon, tubeless wheels from Reynolds.

With many big brands releasing aero bikes with eye-watering price tags, the Vitus ZX-1 might surprise you! Watch the video to find out more about the
new bike.

What do you think of the new ZX-1 EVO? Does aero matter to you? Or are you more interested in lightweight through and through. As always let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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