We’re going RACING! (Pre-riding the Road Course)

Looks like 2021 is off to the races! We took a 3 man squad to race the Swamp Classic in Gainesville Florida. It’s 3 races, a road race, a TT, and a Crit. Our goal in this road bike race is to get Chaz into the GC and maybe a podium in the crit for Nick.

In this cycling Vlog we just pre ride the course and check out the area. I get a family platter of food and we just have a grand ol time.

Racing a real race this weekend feels AMAZING! But look, Gainsville FL is the most Covid responsible town I’ve been too so far. The whole town seems to be wearing masks and have a lot of infrastructure in place to keep people at a distance. I’m taking traveling extremely serious, everything has been above and beyond for being safe, and I’m not breaking any rules or orders. I know I will get shit but I’m taking it extremely serious, so is everyone here.

I legit haven’t come closer than 8 ft to anyone other than the 1 guy I sat next to on a plane, which obviously we are masked up like a mfer. I will self quarantine when I get back, I’m not hanging out in restaurants, it’s strictly hotel and race and back to hotel.

With that all out of the way, FLORIDA RIPS AND THE STOKE IS HIGH!

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0:00 Into
1:22 RIDE
4:00 Course Preview
8:00 Food