20 questions w/ Jeff Linder (Norcal Cycling Interview)

I connected with Jeff Linder, aka Norcal Cycling Videos for a quick fire 20 questions about cycling, trining, switching teams, and more. Jeff has been a very successful cyclists in Norcal for a while, but just recently became a huge success on youtube as well.

Im sure you already know who Jeff is, but check out his channel for great cycling content.@NorCal Cycling

0:00 mY nAmE iS jEFf
0:34 Who is Jeff
0:50 When did you start
1:38 When did you GET IT
2:18 Training
3:26 Training Hours
3:43 How are fast?
5:07 Development
6:09 Target Races
6:57 Switching Teams
8:00 Advice on switching teams
8:56 Diet & Off the bike
9:24 National level?
10:03 Zwift Racing
10:56 Youtube Celebrity
11:27 Youtube Success
12:05 Youtube Time
12:38 Balance
12:53 Riding with your team
13:33 Beat Legion

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