Bell Helmets: Mountain Bike Range Explained | Mountain Bike Rider

Bell as a company has been around since the 1950’s. Born in reaction to the extreme dangers of early motor racing, its roots are still clear today with the likes of Lewis Hamilton putting his trust in Bell’s potentially lifesaving technologies.

Of more interest to us of course are Bell’s MTB orientated lids.

Bell’s helmet range caters for everyone, whatever the age or budget. That could be protecting our precious offspring, or the sport’s top athletes, such as Aaron Gwin, Myriam Nicole and Amaury Pierron. So, whether you are hitting a ghetto jump in your parent’s garden, chasing another World Cup win, or anywhere in between, Bell has you covered.

Seeing as trail riding is what most of us do most of the time, that is what we are concentrating on today. Bell’s range of helmet’s is vast but let’s take a look at five of its key trail focused lids.

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