Berm Peak: Can I clear the most famous backyard trail in the world?

Last summer I hit the biggest jumps of my life on Whistler’s A-Line and Dirt Merchant trails. Today I have a different sort of challenge, one that has been testing me both physically and mentally for over 3 months! Join me as I attempt to ride every single feature in Seth’s back yard, and become the second person ever to conquer Berm Peak and all of it’s sketchy features!

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Unless you have been living in a cave for the past year… or maybe a van… you’ve probably been following along with our friend Seth as he’s begun to build what is now the most famous backyard trail system in the world: Berm Peak.

Ever since I’ve known Seth, he’s had a healthy appetite for all things sketchy. A fact that he has clearly seen in his own trail building.

Like everyone else, I too was on the outside looking in as Seth continued to add to his collection of sketchy and challenging features, some of which looked straight out of the North Shore!

As I watched Seth and many other competent riders, struggle to ride these features, I realized that this was exactly the challenge I needed: if I can successfully ride every single feature at Berm Peak, I will without a doubt have become a more proficient technical rider, and possibly even more importantly – have the bragging rights of being the only one besides Seth to do so!