Which is the fastest e-bike? Specialized Turbo Levo V Turbo Levo SL V Kenevo | Mountain Bike Rider

In our last timed challenge, we found that e-bikes were faster downhill than analogue bikes on our test track. This time we’ve returned to that same track with three different types of e-bike and three riders to find out which one is fastest downhill.

Link to previous video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gjgT8PfjWtA

At one end of the scale we have the Specialized Kenevo with 180mm of travel and a dual crown fork. It’s essentially a downhill bike and an uplift rolled into one.

At the other end of the scale we have the lightweight Turbo Levo SL. At 18kg it should be much more manoeuvrable than the Kenevo, but it has a much lower powered motor and less assistance.

Splitting the two we have the Turbo Levo. Full power motor, trail bike geometry and a weight that’s roughly in the middle.

To keep things equal, we ran the same tyres and tyre pressures on each bike, and each of our three riders did a sighting run, then two timed runs on each bike.

In the end the results pointed to a clear winner. Watch the video to find out which one it was.

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