UCI-Illegal 5.4kg Cannondale SuperSix EVO | Hill Climb Champion’s Bike

Andrew Feather’s UCI-illegal 5.4kg race bike for the 2019 National Championships. Hill climb racing is a small niche of the UK time trial scene that involves going up hills as fast as possible. Being the UK, these climbs are usually short and steep, with races ranging from under two minutes to a maximum of around 20 minutes. To perform well, you need to maximise your power to weight ratio.

Normally, UCI rules would infamously dictate a 6.8kg weight limit (originally applied in 2000 and never updated) for bikes, but the CTT governs hill climb racing in the UK, and so the UCI rules don’t apply — in fact, there’s no weight limit at all.

This, combined with the fact that most hill climbs are raced by amateurs and part-time professionals (so there are generally fewer racers with sponsorship commitments), leads to some wonderfully bonkers weight weenie bikes popping up at races.

Recently, we went to see Andrew Feather, the 2018 British Hill Climb Champion, to check out his bike for the upcoming 2019 National Championships, taking place on 27 October 2019.

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