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Estonia’s Martti Lainevool made the move to the capital city, Tallinn and got acquainted with the local spots in no time, cooking up this banger of a video with filmer Gert Lill. Be on the lookout for this guy – he’s got some serious talent.

“When i heard that Martti is moving to my hometown, Tallinn, I knew a video part had to be made since we haven’t had a proper one in Estonia for years. Although we both had a busy summer, we still managed to get together to film, which is a pleasure with Martti. Haven’t met a guy who is so determined and focused on a bike for a while, and he is doing it all for the love that we all have – BMX bikes. Always smiling, always laughing, this dude just one bangs the sickest tricks and is just a pleasure to watch on a bike. Just enjoy something we enjoyed doing the whole summer, and give this dude some love.” – Gert Lill

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