Cycling Through Yosemite Valley as a VeloGuide (Their first time seeing Yosemite)

I had the honor to be a VeloGuide for Tore and take him cycling through Yosemite Valley. VeloGuide is cycling guide service where you can hire a guide in an area to help you find the best riding available. This was my first time being booked as a guide and it was truly a special experience.

We also met up with the VCC cycling club and had a solid group of guys riding bikes through yosemite. I was SOOOOPER sick during this, so if I seem off, I am dying inside. I got sick after DK and the sickness actually lasted for another week after this.

A huge thank you to for making this possible. Use code VEGAN for $$$ off your first booking with VeloGuide.

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