My First Attempt at the Dirty Kanza 200 (The FULL Story)

I got the opportunity to race the Dirty Kanza 200 with support from IRC tires and Felt Bicycles. I was prepared, I was ready, and I walk you thought the entire experience from my point of view. This Dirty Kanza story covers 4 days of the trip, traveling, getting the bike set up, going for a t-shirt ride with Jeremiah Bishop, and of course the gravel race its self.

Dirty Kanza is 200 miles or 321 km of gravel roads through the county side of Kansas. The winner completed the race in around 10 hours and there were some world tour riders that showed up. So this race is no joke. With rolling hills the whole way, you are always on the pedals to keep it moving through the gravel.

So now…lets talk a little bit about why I had a complete melt down. Obviously being plant based, its a very easy target to go to. But there is nothing different about what I did for this race than I have done over the last 2 years of dialing in my program. I got REALLY sick after the race and had a lung infection so maybe I was getting that during the race?

I really dont know why my body wouldn’t absorb any water or food, and it happened so early on. But I will say this, having to ride 150 miles when I felt like a complete and utter turd taco, was a very interesting experience. I really had to dig deep mentally just to finish the race. And when I did, boy was it rewarding. I think much more rewarding than if I had gotten top 30 or something. Because of how much harder it is to battle mental demons than physical ones.

Either way, this cycling video of a gravel race called the dirty Kanza is all thanks to IRC tires and FELT bicycles. Without them, I wouldn’t have been able to make it out there and deliver this story. I have a video about my equipment setup dropping next, which will go more in depth on what I was running.

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