Giving EVERYTHING you have for TEAM (Cycling Race Breakdown)

In this cycling race breakdown, I walk through how our SP2 Life cycling team worked AMAZING together. Its taken all year to really connect as a team, but I could not be happier with how the boyz raced.

We came up a little short on the win, but EVERYONE of our guys raced for the greater good of the squad. I highlight how we always had a guy on or near the front of the bike race. We spent a lot of energy but we pretty much guaranteed a top 5 for the SP2 life cycling team.

We had the biggest team out of anyone, 8 guys out of a field of 50+. So we had all the options and we played them to best of our ability. I hope you enjoy this breakdown of the Folsom criterium race, it was super fun racing with a cycling team that races bikes.

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