I CANT believe my ROAD BIKE survived this race (The Belgian Waffle Ride – A RACE BREAKDOWN)

The Belgian Waffle Ride is maybe one of the HARDEST bike races in the world. With 90 miles of road, 45 miles of WTF type gravel, totaling 133 miles of “what am I doing with my life”. The Belgian Waffle ride is so difficult because of how many aspects of cycling it covers. You need technical skills, you need endurance, you need speed, and you need the right bike setup.

I chose to run my full on Canyon Ultimate road bike with Princeton Carbonworks wheels with IRC x-gurad 28m tires. It was FAST…but so hard to handle in the soft sand. I CANT believe my ROAD BIKE survived this race to be honest. Its really a testament to how tough a road bike really is. I think 40th was a good showing for me, other than the small crash, I had all the luck on my side. Others had major mechanical issues which I was grateful for that I didnt have any.

Fueling wise I started with 2 bottles of SIS beta fuel…that was it. I actually forgot ALL my other food in the car. But SIS had pit stops along the way so I was able to grab gels and water throughout the ride. No solid food during the effort, and arguably one of the biggest efforts I have ever done.

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