Santa Cruz 5010 | So Good, But SO Expensive | Trail Bike of The Year

The Santa Cruz 5010 Alloy R+ is a Fun-to-ride trail bike, but its components don’t match the price tag. Santa Cruz updated the 130mm travel 5010 in late 2018, and while it didn’t get the lower-link VPP system of the bigger-travel Bronson, it did get a slightly tweaked upper-link VPP arrangement and a few extras on the frame. With its 130mm of suspension and middle-of-the-road geometry, it’s a true trail bike in every sense of the word.

We thoroughly enjoyed riding the 5010 around our woodland testing tracks, and were it £700 to £800 cheaper, it’d be right up there as one of the best trail bikes on the market. However, we have to consider the damage to your pocket, so it doesn’t quite make the grade.

That said, it’s one of the few bikes on test that doesn’t err towards the enduro end of the trail spectrum, so if you’re looking for a fun-loving bike — and you’re not too worried about how much you spend — the 5010 is worth considering.

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