Best View In Southern California? (A VeloGuide Tour of Keller Peak w/ Jasper Verkuijl)

Jasper Verkuijl and I got a cycling tour from Derek, a VeloGuide in Big Bear California, and the view was BONKERS. Derek took us up Keller Peak which just so happened to be CLOSED TO CARS that day, so we had it all to ourselves. The view at the top of Keller peak was one of the best lookouts I have ridden too.

Derek from VeloGuide helps us draw a penis on strava, took us to his bike shop, and then up to maybe the best cycling views in California. Jasper Verkuijl and I were staying in Phil Gaimons wattage cottage for 3 days and this was day 2 of that trip. The full 3 days will come out shortly.

VeloGuide is a cycling tour service where you can hire a local guide to take you to the best cycling spots in the area. Derek was such a fun dude to hang out with, and I cant recommend him enough. You will NOT be disappointed with his tour and his crazy vibe.

Sign up at for $20 off a tour, which would make Derek like $80 for the day! It doesn’t matter who you are thats a freaking STEAL.

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