Quick tips for a traveling cyclist (Flying, Bags, Riding + Bag Giveaway)

I talk through some of my tips for traveling as a cyclist. Flying with your bike, packing your gear, and what to do when you land. Also BLS is giving away a backpack, so check that out (https://www.blsglobal.net/int/bls-veloracing-backpack-april-competition/ ). Or use code “vegan” for $10 off the bag. A lot these cycling tips for a traveling cyclist you may have heard of, but maybe one of them can help your travels.

The fist section is about flying with your bike and the options I am aware of. I recommend renting a bike, using bikeflights, the Scicon bag, or the oracase.

The second section is about my bags and what I put in them when traveling. If you want a chance at free bag from BLS, sign up for a chance to win – https://www.blsglobal.net/int/bls-veloracing-backpack-april-competition/ or you can grab the bag I use here – https://www.blsglobal.net/int/product/veloracing-backpack/ (code “vegan” get $10 off)

The 3rd section is about what to do when you land in a new area with your bike. I recommend using strava to map a course, just simply riding and exploring, and veloguide.

These are just my tips that I have found value in, but everyone is different so I would love to hear your traveling tips. I am always looking to have better experience when going to new places.

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