Getting DROPPED in the HARDEST race I have ever done (Sea Otter Road Race)

WHOA! The Sea Otter Classic Road Race was a very HUMBLING experience. I got to race some of the best in the country and boy did they put down the hammer. In this road race breakdown, I basically show you me getting dropped 4 different times.

I breakdown my power for the first 5 mins, talk though my thoughts, and show you what was the hardest cycling race I have ever done. But as I look back at the race, I am very happy that I gave this a go. Because racing above your current ability is always great in the long run. It really shows you that there is always room to improve and resets your bar of what being fit really means.

Jackson Dunkun is who gave me a pull back to the field. If I was just a LITTLE bit stronger, I could have maybe got back on. But I am hungry to keep training and next year I will have a goal to not get dropped lap 1.

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