First Ride of Brand New Cervélo S5 | Cycling Weekly

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In 2014, when the Cervélo S5 went to market it was probably already outdated. As damning as that indictment might sound, it’s because it was designed around rim brakes and 23mm tyres and following couple of years saw radical changes to road bike technology: none more recognisable than current trend for wide tyres and disc brakes.

So, with this in mind the new Cervélo S5 is another in a long run of new aero bikes that is disc brake specific. It’s much the same story as the other brand’s: removing the rim brake calliper gave more room on the frame to innovate on the front end of their bike. Then there’s the fact that disc brakes mean room to accommodate wider tyres and the new Cervélo S5 will happily gobble up 28mm tyres.


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